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Does your boiler require a boiler service? Then get in contact with Clane Gas Services today.


Clane Gas Services provides clients with professional boiler maintenance services. 

We are available for annual services which ensure that your boiler is running at optimum efficiency. 

Our boiler maintenance service spots and corrects problems with your gas boiler before they develop into more serious issues. 

We can source and replace parts for most makes and models of gas boilers. 

Our maintenance service involves checking each unique part of the boiler to ensure their continuing functionality. We also replace broken or excessively worn parts whenever necessary.
We also check CO2 levels and all boiler safety features to ensure their continuing competency.


To book our boiler maintenance services, get in contact with Clane Gas Services today.


There are a few tell-tale signs that your boiler may be in need of maintenance.

Boiler leaking

Water leaking from a boiler is a sure sign that something is faulty.
If you notice water leaking from your boiler call us as soon as possible.

Strange Noise

If you notice a strange or unusual sound emanating from your boiler it may be an indication that a fault has developed. All boilers emit a light humming sound, but if you notice a new sound coming from the boiler call us to arrange one of our expert engineers to check it for you.

Boiler Won’t Turn On

If your boiler won’t turn on check that all your thermostats and controls are turned up and calling for heat. This is a common issue when the weather gets a bit warmer. If your boiler still does not work after turning up all the thermostats call us to arrange one of our engineers to repair the fault.

Not Heating Water/Radiators

If your boiler has stopped heating the water in your home or isn’t warming the property, we recommend calling our team of gas service engineers as soon as possible.


If your gas boiler requires maintenance, get in contact with Clane Gas Services today.

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